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May 2003 Column



W2LS - Bill Savell

A young Bill at 18, and Bill at 90.

My first Elmer was Bill Savell, W2LS.  Bill is almost 95 years old now and is in fairly good health. Except during WW-II, he has been licensed continuously since September 8, 1923, that's almost 80 years in ham radio.


Here's Bill at 15, already licensed as 3CJJ and working countries in Europe with his 5-watter. The man on his right is his Father.

He purchased a NC-183D new in 1952 . He had some television interference issues with it and National had him returned it to the factory for troubleshooting. Unable to locate the exact problem, in 1953 National offered him another new one with some upgraded circuits in exchange, which Bill gladly accepted. He talked about this for years, about how professionally National had treated him. He treasured this radio until last year when he gave it to me.                 - 1954 Photo.


Card received by 3CJJ, Bill Savell, dated Dec. 14, 1924 from F-1BX

The best I can make out of the faded printing is:
Tone Good, Antenna Two wire 100 ft.long, Remarks: Didn't have an English ..?... ...?..... ....?.... ....?..., Best 73s Marciu? Stewart



In 1947 Atlantic City hosted the International Radio Conference where representatives from many countries would meet and decide the future spectrum use. (ARRL was an active participant throughout the proceedings. You can read the reports in many of the 1947 QST magazines.) Bill and other local hams were assigned as hosts to the visitors.

1947 also brought forth the "First Annual Hamfest" in Atlantic City. With so many hams already in the area, it was a popular event. In the photo of the Hamfest there are 65 hams, with Bill in the front row, right in the center.

William E. Savell, November 8th, 1923, his first ticket.

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