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April 2004 Column



Hallicrafters HT-4, to War and home again

(This page is large with lots of photos, please be patient.)

Vortex Joe, N3IBX, with his HT-4 after a long night on 75.
Click photo for a larger version.

Early version of the SCR-299.

K5VJ's beautiful BC610 manufactured in 1959.

Early SCR-299 ready for operation in the field.

Station shown in the Hallicrafters movie, Voice of Victory.

For more on the movie, see below.

Cut-away of an early SCR-299 showing the BC-342 Receivers.
Here is a list of BC-610 owners: http://syzen.com/milradio/BC610_Registry.aspx

Voice of Victory
the movie by Hallicrafters

To download your copy of Voice of Victory you will have to download two files. Each file is 1/2 of the movie.

Click here to download the 1st half
- select the format you want

Click here to download the 2nd half
- select the format you want

! Remember to save your files where you can find them again.

If you would like to see thumbnails of the film first, like the one below:

Testing the BC-610 before delivery.

Click here for the Part 1

Click here for the Part 2

Hi Gang,

DVD's are now available on Ebay from several vendors, and are usually under $10.00. I recommend you search on Ebay for "Hallicrafters" and "DVD" and you will find at least 5 vendors selling them at various prices.

I have not purchased from them, nor do I know any of the sellers. So you will have to look them over and decide on your own, which one to purchase. (updated 1-4-2006)


Electric Radio Magazine

ER has a great article on rebuilding the BC-610 that just came out in issue #178, March 2004, by Bill Feldman, N6PY. It's 16 pages long, filled with photographs and details on how he brought this beauty back to life.

Other issues that have good BC-610 information in, are issues #126, #127 and #128.

You can purchase single (back) issues for $3.75 each, on line, on the ER Web Page.


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