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The Pilot Wasp
You should be able to find all the information you need about the Pilot Wasp on these two web pages.
Note: The schematic below has been corrected. The schematic in QST left out R3. (TNX Paul, KD7HB)
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Rear View

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Original plan shows the RF Choke on the top of the base, not below as built.
Pilot Coils may be identified by the number of turns of the coil, rather than the faded color of the pull-ring.
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200 to 500 meters
93 to 203 meters
45 to 105 meters
30 to 52 meters
17 to 30 meters
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Parts List for building a Pilot Wasp

The five coils provided have colored Bakelite finger rings by means of which the wave length ranges can .be identified. They are as follows:
  Red ring 17 to 30 meters
  Orange ring 30 to 52 meters
  Yellow ring 45 to 105 meters
  Green ring 93 to 203 meters
  Blue ring 200 to 500 meters

Official Wasp Parts

Following list of parts is required for assembling the "Official" Wasp receiver:
RFC - 1 No. 130 85 Millihenry R. F. Choke
1 No. 180-4 set of Twin-Coupler plug-in coils
1 No. 1282 Pilot illuminated dial
C1 - 1 No. 1608 Pilot .00014 mfd. condenser
C2+3 - 2 No. J-23 Pilot .0001 mfd. midget condenser
C4 - 1 No. J-5 Pilot .000015 mfd. midget condenser
R1 - 1 No. 910 Pilot 10-ohm rheostat
C5 - 1 No. 50-0 Pilot .0002 mfd. fixed condenser
R2 - 1 No. 761 10-meg. grid leak
R3 - 1 No. 750 Pilot .1 meg. grid leak (100k)
4 No. 50 Pilot grid leak clips
3 No. 206 Pilot UX sockets
T1+2 - 2 No. 391 Pilot A. F. transformers
1 No. 212 Pilot UY socket
2 No. 35 Pilot 1-in. Bakelite brackets
1 7 by 14-in. Westinghouse Micarta front panel
1 7 by 13-in. Westinghouse Micarta base panel
9 Pilot engraved binding posts
V1, V2, V3 type 01A or similar triodes.

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8 Pilot Wasp Data Sheets (printable)
Click here to read them full size. Slow loading, be patient.

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Side View

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