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January 2008 Column



Remember When? - K2TQN builds a Classic Xmtr Kit!

I've had some requests for more information about the Receiver shown here.
Click here for the 1941 How to Become a Radio Amateur article.
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This kit is supplied by Glenn Brown, NN8G.

His Web page address is, www. pastimeprojects.com/, which I visited for more information. I found he also offers a 40 meter QRP transmitter kit, a two-tube audio amplifier kit, several filter kits and a 140 pF variable capacitor. But I was interested in the transmitter, so I picked that selection right away from the menu. Looking at the transmitter Web page I realized his eBay ad had more information.

From his Ebay page....

Here is a replica kit of a vintage code (cw) transmitter that used slats from an orange crate for a chassis, sucker sticks to support the home wound coil, and Fahnestock clips to connect antenna and key.

This is a carefully planned and designed replica with updated components. The slats and end blocks are Amish prepared solid oak. Brass plated flat head screws are included for assembly of the chassis. The original coils were wound on a omemade coil form which used 8 penny nails.

This kit includes the nails and instructions. Kit includes miscellaneous screws, terminal strips, solder lugs, tube sockets, sucker sticks, wire for hook up and coils, choke, resistor, capacitors, new variable capacitor and manual. This transmitter will put out 3 or 4 watts on 40 or 80 cw with 250 to 300 volts in.

The manual consists of 16 pages of instruction, illustration, step by step wood chassis construction, component mounting, wiring, coil winding, and much, much more. See the accompanying photos for pictures from the manual. This is an excellent learning project. It is a piece of radio amateur history.

For those who buy this eBay special, an “old stock” 6V6 vacuum tube, tested and warranted will be included in each kit.

Glenn’s eBay name is “billglennbob” if you want to find him on there. As of this writing he has a rating of (509) 100% Positive.

Click here for his Ebay items.       Click here for his web page http://www.pastimeprojects.com/


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