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Where in the World is the Bowdoin?
Bowdoin in Lunenburg, NS
As seen in Lunenburg, NS last weekend, August 16, 2008. Read your very interesting article on the Bowdoin and never thought I would see her for real in Lunenburg. Spars of one of the vessels in the background belong to Bluenose II also in port last weekend. (photo below)

VE1NPS   Nigel

Bowdoin at the Maine Maritime Academy in April 2008

Bowdoin at the Maine Maritime Academy in April 2008

Bowdoin in Wiscassett Maine in 1923

Don Mix in his Radio Cabin

She's still sailing to the Arctic.

The Bowdoin leaving for the Arctic in 1923

    The one constant in all of this is the Schooner Bowdoin. She has survived several disasters along the way and always bounced back and always brought the crew home. This is a testimony to her original design and construction. In 1959, after 26 trips to the Arctic, MacMillan retired from the sea. Since then she has had several owners. The first was the Mystic Seaport. After leaving her sit without any maintenance she was removed from there by the Schooner Bowdoin Association and brought back to Maine. Eventually she became the property of the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine, where she sails today and is part of the college's curriculum and provides hands-on training. This summer she's going to the Arctic again, and you can (sort of) go along with her, via the Internet.

The Maine Maritime Academy has a special web page, bowdoin.mma.edu/arcticcruise/, with a daily calendar and photos of activities. (Click on the graphic-logo "Schooner Bowdoin Arctic Voyage" on the page. Click on any date which is red and underlined to see photos taken on that day.) I'll have several links on my web page for your convenience, www.k2tqn.com/. There also is a link from the MMA web page to where you can track the Bowdoin's two-month trip to the Arctic which started on June 1, 2008, on www.iBoatTrack.com.

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