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January 2009 Column



Brian Voth, W9ARZ

Brian W. Voth

Brian Voth's All-Band Transceiver

This is the finest all-mode Single Sideband transceiver from the 1960’s that I have ever seen. It resembles the Collins Radio transceivers in quality of construction and design, and as a home brew, it rivals any commercially made radio with its aesthetic looks. It might have been lost forever, living on a shelf in a basement of an Electrical Engineer from the University of Illinois.

The Radio

Study the photos of his radio and you’ll see it is an all-mode rig, AM, USB, LSB and NSB (CW). There is a switch for Narrow or Wide band pass filters. It covers 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters and has all the normal receiving and transmitting tuning controls. I’m sure you will agree with me that it is an amazing work of art!

Photos Of the Transceiver

Front Panel  81K - 800px 203K - 1650pxl
Top Chassis 201K - 1200pxl 624K - 2000pxl
Bottom 1 Chassis 244K - 1200pxl 646K - 2156pxl
Bottom 2 Chassis 222K - 1200pxl 593k - 2200pxl
Rear of Cabinet 136K - 1200pxl 556K - 1700pxl
Side Chassis 127K - 1200pxl 814K - 1700pxl
Patents and Papers
Flex Disk PDF - 300K  
Plasma? PDF - 203K  
Voth Library Papers PDF - 5K  


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