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September 2009 Column
Same 'Old Radio's, same 'Old Stories', same 'Old Place', only the name has changed .


Displaying Your Collection - Collins Desks

Desk of Peter Zilliox, K5PZ,
made by Collins Radio

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Desk of James Cessna, KB8N,
made by Design Industries

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Pete's desk just after he received it in 2006

It turns out that Pete's desk was made by Collins Radio and is one of (now) three known. Even though Art Collins said he didn't want to make furnature, he must have caved in to his favorite customers. Three have survived (so far)?

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The model shown here is the President model. They also had an Ambassador model that only allowed one row of radios.
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Pete's desk at W1AW, years ago.
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Photos from 2006, that Pete saw on Ebay

Width of equipment housing is 47-5/8"

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Early Design Industries Desk, the Senator, from
a Henry Radio Brochure - $295.00 Prepaid

- Thanks to Richard Hughes, W6CCD, for saving it

Rear view shows ventilation screen

Rear cover of 18" high by 81" wide is not shown
Desktop is 88" wide by 36" deep

Return section is 75-1/4" long by 18" wide

Angle of top is 30 degrees from vertical

Displaying Your Collection

Nothing is more impressive than a vintage station that shows some planning went into the display, one that is carefully laid out and is convenient to use. And, of course, having highly desirable equipment puts the icing on the cake. Collins radios are highly desirable and almost everybody wants to collect a Collins station. And some of the nicest displays are desks that were sold as Collins accessories by dealers.

Drawer section is 30" deep by 18" wide

Collins manufactured a nice designer-styled Collins desk that I saw advertised in several magazines back in the 1960s and ’70s; probably for use in their advertising and for military trade shows and hamfests. Pete's desk is one of three Collins desks known to exist.

Art Collins had the big desk built in the Collins shop, but was not interested in selling furniture. Ed Moory a dealer in De Witt, Arkansas was the one who instigated the tooling up and copied the Collins console. That resulted in a “handful” being built.

End cabinet of return is 18" wide x 18" deep

The original cost was $895 and it was called the Nova-K.

While writing this column I found another Collins made desk for sale. Kissing-up to Sherry by promising her that I would remove the junk from my operating station in our home, replace the carpeting and give the room a fresh coat of paint, she agreed that I could get it. In a couple of months, if all goes well, I’ll have a photo of my Collins station for you.

I'm looking for a photo of an actual Nova-K desk so I can share it with you. - K2TQN


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