Updated 2-15-2010

September 2010 Column


First Airgoing Wireless man
Airship Plan
Lifeboat Plan


Coming out
The Hanger, built by the Aero Club for Wellman, was the center of activity during the building process. Visitors paid admission to watch and speak with the aviators.

During this time a stray cat visited. He was fed scraps of lunch and decided to move in. Next month you will learn how he too became an aviator. 

Wireless set
Marconi Lifeboat wireless set designed to run on batteries. Antenna coupling was set between the coil, around the lid, and the one just below, around the box.
Atlantic City station AX
The Atlantic City wireless station, 'AX,' was out on the end of Captain Young's Pier, later named the Million Dollar Pier. Today it's Pier Shops at Caesers.

K2TQN's Speaking Tour for this Year

spealing tour

I will be making a few presentations about the 1923 Bowdoin expedition, titled the “Wireless North Pole and the Adventures of Don Mix” with lots of the original photos. I regret not being able to go everywhere I have been invited.

If you are in the area, I hope you will attend - No admission charge, come join the fun.

Dates: Tuesday evening 7 PM, August 17 at the  AWA Conference
Rochester, NY, August 17-21, 2010    (Program Schedule)

Starting at 7 PM, I will be presenting “Wireless North Pole and the Adventures of Don Mix”,  Don Mix’s WNP 1923 adventure on the schooner Bowdoin to the North Pole. In a sense I’ll be opening the festivities there with my talk, which will be followed by an evening of radio related movies presented by the AWA. The first will be PBS’s Empire of the Air. The AWA Cinema Pub will have food and beverages available for purchase. So if you’re just arriving you can attend the Don Mix presentation and movie while having your food and beverages.

John Dilks, K2TQN    125 Warf Road, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234-8501   e-mail: K2TQN@arrl.net