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February 2012 Column


Wireless Pioneer W2ZI — Part 2
This is Ed Raser aboard the SS Ethan Allen, 1919 down South America way (west coast).
The 500 W broadcast transmitter at WOAX, Trenton, NJ in 1923. Constructed
by Ed Raser (then 3CS). He was chief engineer for the Monument Pottery Co
until 1929.

SS Ethan Allen, KUJQ, 13,200 ton freighter.

This is the outside of the radio “shack” aboard the SS Ethan Allen. Located on the upper bridge deck, Ed’s quarters were the next room on the same deck, a nice setup for a wireless operator.
Short Bio:

Ed was born April 1, 1899. He was first licensed in April, 1914 as 3NG and he presently holds extra class of an early issue. He and his XYL, Paulie,  just recently returned from an eventful trip to the South Sea Islands, New Zealand and Australia aboard the SS Monterey of the Matson Lines. Last year the Rasers toured Europe and the British Isles. [Ed recovered and lived a full life enjoying retirement.]

Ed was hospitalized on May 28 this year [1969] for surgery but pulled through ok. On July 15 he reported, "Sitting up at home but weak, so weak I can't even pound a 'mill'. Hi. Had to learn to walk all over again. Sure I'll have my 'sea legs' again in a few weeks."

Ed recovered and enjoyed his ham radio and collecting hobbies for 17 more years. [K2TQN]

Silent Key - Obit

Edward G. Raser, W2ZI of Trenton, NJ died on October 23, 1985. Ed was "Dean of the Collectors". He built his first receiver in 1910 and was a ship operator in his youth. In time he became a broadcast engineer and eventually retired from the New Jersey State Police Communications System. W2ZI started acquiring his fabulous wireless collection nearly 60 years ago. In time, it became one of the nation's finest. Many of the pieces are in the AWA Museum. We've lost a great wireless Pioneer and historian. (Bruce Kelley in the AWA Old Timers Bulletin.)

The antenna aboard the SS Ethan Allen’s 60 foot mast. Ed repaired this antenna while at Balboa, Canal Zone.
1917 - Ed Raser as a Navy "GOB"
Wireless man during WW-I


The receiving gear and part of the arc transmitter used aboard the
SS Ethan Allen. (see right)rec1
This was the equipment setup aboard the SS Ethan Allen when Ed Raser was chief operator

The 2 kW Federal Arc Generator showing the alcohol dropper on top, tuning coils above, chopper, antenna ammeter, variometer key on desk, circuit breakers on wall and field rheostat for motor generator. .

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