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Pauline Raser, W2QCC (SK)


Above: Mrs. Paulie Raser, XYL, operating "3CS" 1 Kw spark set, remote controlled in cellar, 1923. Receivers from left, Long wave, and Paragon RA-6 short wave receiver.

Left: Pauline and Ed Raser in 1957.

Pauline Raser, W2QCC (SK)

Many YLs have been active just about as long as any records of OMs and one of these gals is none other than Pauline Raser W2QCC (XYL of Ed-W2ZI) of Trenton, N.J. Pauline says she was introduced to the wonders of wireless by her future OM in 1918. He was at the time in Naval Service as a radio operator. Polly learned the code unbeknown to him and one day tried to send code via the hand-squeeze system - holding hands! - a big surprise to Ed. It brought its reward by 1920 Polly was operating her OM's spark coil rig using his call 3CS and later 3ZI (now W2ZI).

Polly received her first call 3AEC in 1923; then W3HVO in 1930, which was changed to W2QCC when South Jersey became part of the 2nd district. She has been 3rd District Chairman of YLRL wherein a write up of all YLs in her area were submitted for publication in YL Harmonics (a publication of the YLRL). Most of her more recent operating has been on 20, 40 and 80, usually CW. She says one of the early YLs she remembers QSOing was W2WP, Alice Picard, of Staten Island, N.Y. Polly is not active on the air now but was active in club work. She has served as president of the Ladies Auxiliary of The Delaware Valley ARC and as vice president. This club has a station active on the air known to us as W2ZQ. We remember well the talk Ed Raser, W2ZI, gave to the club and a reminder of this event is the picture in the clubroom of his collection of antique wireless gear.

Today it is much more common for the YL to learn about the hobby of radio with so many books and modern equipment found right in our homes. The average OM would be more than pleased if his XYL took enough interest to an elementary understanding of radio and not necessarily going all the way to face the FCC examiner. This example has been shown since we all know the many happy years both Polly and Ed have enjoyed together. Why not follow her example?

73's Rose Ellen [Bills] - WA2FGS, in the Gloucester County ARC October 1973 Crosstalk Newsletter.


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