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December 2013 Column


Massie Coherer and the Massie Station, PJ

The Massie Station PJ, for Point Judith, RI, (south west of Newport) shown on left, mainly served passenger steamboats traveling between New York City and New England cities. PJ was built by Walter Wentworth Massie who was a contemporary of Marconi's. By a fortuitous combination of circumstances PJ's 1907 building was unaltered and still contained its original equipment in working order.

PJ was moved to the New England Wireless and Steam Museum by Bob Merriam, W1NTE, and his museum crew in 1983 to avoid demolition.

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Walter Massie
Walter W Massie
          Massie Coherer below.  Right click on photo to see larger.
Massie Coherer1
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Massie Coherer2
cup bottle
       Coherer Detail from Patent                      Perfume Bottle
Patent Drawing details
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From left to right are shown the operator call box, Resonaphone receiver, change-over switch, and the pump handle key. The box on the wall contains the key relay.
The receiver will hear the repetition rate of the sparks.
newm-1  mus2  mu3
Details of Coherers at the New England Museum of Wireless and Steam, right click for larger photos

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