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Support page for the Old & Vintage Radio column in QST® magazine. Most months I provide additional information about the profiled radio or content of the column.  

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K2TQN in Museum
K2TQN at the key in the Old Radio Museum.
Shows, K2TQN Speaking Dates and Locations


It's official, I'm speaking at Dayton 2016 on
May 20 Friday @ 2:30 room 5.


Title & Presentation:  "History: Old Transmissions and Voices from the Past."

PowerPoint includes Photos, Graphics, and the actual Voices of the following Wireless Pioneers telling their personal accounts and stories: Marconi, Jack Binns, Irving Vermila (Ham #1), Dr. Lee DeForest, Hugo Gernsback, Edwin Armstrong, John Reinartz (life story), Leon Deloy (French 8AB - first transatlantic QSO), Elmo Pickerill (first airplane-to-ground QSO, 1910), Art Collins, General Griswold (USAF- SAC), Clarence Tuska describing the start of QST magazine in 1915, an SOS from the passenger ship "PRINSENDAM" in 1980 and early Wireless Ship transmissions on 500kc CW.

Collector Radio Shows

Collector Radio Shows  worth attending which are good sources of early parts for both ham and radio collectors.

March, 2016 - CC-AWA Charlotte, NC antique radio conference is 26-27-28 of March.

August, 2016 - RIT Inn & Conference Center, 5257 West Henrietta Road
Henrietta, NY 14467 USA - Web Page

May, 2016 - Kutztown Radio Show in Pennsylvania - www.dvhrc.info/

Spring, 2016 - The New England Amateur Radio Festival—
           NEAR-Fest XVII at Deerfield Fairgrounds
           May 1 and 2, 2015- Near-Fest-2016

Vintage Radio Columns from Earlier Years
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   Fuse Tester (new 4-1-2015)

Click - Schematic

I built one of these years ago and took it into the telco office where I was working.  I put it on the table in the break room with a bunch of spare fuses.  The only thing marked on the box was "Fuse Tester - If lamp lights fuse is good".

A couple of the telco guys told me it was no good because it blows the fuse every time they pushed the button.  So I said, who told you to push the button?  :-)  

It was on April first after all.

(Everything in a telco office is fused, we were always changing fuses there.)

And I was also told it is impracticable to test fuses after they were blown.  I just said, OK.




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