March 2000 Column

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Ron Lawrence - KC4YOY
Clough-Brengle Transmitter

   There is an original Clough-Brengle blueprint on the inside of the top cover. The transmitter's tubes are: a 2A5 oscillator, a 46 buffer, two 46 tubes push-pull in the output and a single 83 in the power supply. There is an interesting switch in the upper left hand corner of the front panel that selects between 2 crystal sockets and is labeled "Amateur / Official". There is also an interesting way of checking the current of each stage using a single meter with four momentary push button switches. They select: "Oscillator Plate Current", "Buffer Plate Current", "Amplifier Grid Current", and "Amplifier Plate Current". The cabinet is finished in black wrinkle paint like most ham gear of that era.

Click here for schematic: 110KB

 Photo of the original owner: Chas. Tommy McLees, W4YBN

More on Ron's Clough-Brengle, click here.

Ron's collection

   KC4YOY's station, consisting of the Clough-Brengle transmitter and a first generation 1934 National HRO receiver. A vintage mission style library desk with matching chair create a "snapshot" of an amateur station just as it might have looked in the mid to late 1930's, complete with a vintage candlestick phone, a vintage desk lamp, world globes of the period, and 1930's ARRL handbooks and QST's.

    Ron's collection that now contains nearly 500 radios plus several thousand other pieces including tubes, speakers, headphones, vintage magazines and books on early radio.



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