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Convention Report
QST June, 1925, Page 49

New England Division Convention - 1925

ADJECTIVES fail us in trying to properly report the convention held at the Hotel Bancroft, Worcester, Mass., April 3rd and 4th, under the auspices of the Worcester County Radio Association. The first to arrive was that live "bunch" from Vermont, followed by that active Providence Radio Association, who can always be relied upon to be heard as well as seen. New Hampshire and Maine had good representation, and Massachusetts showed its support by having the largest delegation of all.

Promptly at 1.30 P. M., Friday, the convention was called to order by Chairman C. J. Green, who welcomed the delegates with appropriate words, after which the meeting was taken in charge by City Manager A. H. Carr. Under the direction of Carr this meeting proved of great interest to all those present, bringing out a number of discussions for the good of the Division.Click on the ticket to see the Program Book.

Click on the ticket to see the Program Book.

Late in the afternoon trips were made to the three Super-stations in Worcester: 1XZ, 1YK and 1BKQ. At 1YK Mr. Newell was kept busy calibrating Wave-Meters, and from the number that received his attention shou1d make it easy for the New England "Hams" to keep within their wavebands.

There was so much "Ham-festing" all around that it was all one could do to spare the time to get a "bite" of supper for fear something would be missed.

The evening entertainment was so satisfactory that it filled the banquet hall: what with real comedy movies, R.C.A. "Worldwide Wireless" film, Liars' Contest, Cracker-Eating Contest, Stunts by Radio Clubs, etc., no one wanted to go to bed. Again the Providence Radio Association showed its versatility and won the first prize for the best stunt. Anyone who wishes to know how to handle traffic please write them. Hi! The day ended by a number of the fellows scattering all over the city to operate sets to their hearts' content.

For once the committee in charge had sympathy for the "gang" and did not start too early Saturday morning, and realizing that most of us would need awakening, the privilege of the fine Y. M. C. A. swimming pool was extended to the visiting delegates and taken advantage of by a large number.

The greatest treat of all was in the afternoon when John Reinartz, 1XAM, talked for an hour and a half on "Short-waves" and the interest was so great that during all that time one could have heard a pin drop. With the information given by Mr. Reinartz, the New England fellows should be able to communicate with Mars on 5-meters.

Professor Elliot H. White, of Dartmouth College, who is also Director for the New England Division, gave a most enlightening talk, and anyone present who does not understand Ohm's law now should quit the game.

And what about Vacuum Tubes, fellows? Didn't Professor Hobart H. Newell, of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, cover that subject thoroughly? Let us hope he will find time to write a good article in the near future for our QST. This most interesting afternoon closed just in time for everyone to rush out and wash their hands, put on a clean collar and return for the Banquet, which started promptly at 6.45 P. M., with Dr. H. Eugene Watkins acting as Toastmaster. During the "eats" that versatile amateur, Lee Bates, entertained us with his Radio Band of High Frequency Syncopators, and you may believe it or not, this old reporter could not make his feet behave. Some very good remarks were made by Radio Inspector Butterworth, Reinartz, Hebert and Houghton, the later two representing A.R.R.L. Headquarters. After the dinner A. H. Carr, who has been supervising the contests, began to act the part of Santa Claus by distributing the largest number of prizes we have ever seen at any convention. As a matter of fact there were so many that we lack the space to give the names of the fortunate ones. But we want to thank, in the name of the convention, all the different manufacturers for their kind donations.

The closing event of the convention, and one which made a very strong impression, was the holding of a conclave to confer the degree of the Royal Order of the Wouff Hong on about 150 members of the League. The Worcester boys who did so well last year in Springfield again showed their histrionic talent. It would be hard to equal their performance.

Oh! by the way, we were forgetting. The Providence Radio Association obtained the convention for 1926. Start saving now, fellows. --A.A.H. From QST June, 1925, Page 49

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