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WRL’s Globe Scout 65

It’s hard to imagine any active ham between the late 1940s and the 1980s that did not know about World Radio Labs and Leo Myerson, W0GFQ. Just about every radio magazine carried his ads with the little coupon at the bottom where you could order the latest catalog. And I’ll bet that half of them sent for his catalog and bought something from him at one time or the other. His advertising usually had a photo of him or his likeness on it. He was well known.

Photo by KØEMC, Jim Newland
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Leo Myerson, W0GFQ today.

The "Globe Scout 65" transmitter is a general-purpose, 65-watt cw, 50-watt phone, band switching transmitter covering 160-meters through 10-meters and designed for the beginning or experienced amateur or as the "second" transmitter for the higher powered group of hams. This transmitter has a 6146 final tube with a 6F6 oscillator using the hot cathode circuit. Complete coverage of 160 through 10-meters is obtained by use of 160, 80, and 40-meter crystals.

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The Globe Scout 65 was designed and first advertised in the September 1954 QST, followed by the 65A in August 1955, and the 65B in May 1956. All were priced $89.95 kit, and $99.95 wired. Leo wanted to sell factory wired units, not troublesome kits, and priced them accordingly. He figured for $10 more the hams would buy the wired and tested version – and they did.

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from the December Radio News

WRL's QSL card that many Novices purchased. This one is my old card.
Mouse over QSL Card to see my old license.

Terry Reim, WA0DTH, today
Hi John, I just got my QST and was thrilled to see your old radio column on the Globe Scout 65. Really took me back to when I ran the Scout and the Chief with the external VFO. Im attaching two pictures. One is my station when I was a young pup in 1963. - 73s, Terry Reim  WA0DTH

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