January 2009
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February 2009
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March 2009
A Ham, a Hamfest, a Love Story and a Bottle of Beer
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April 2009
Jack Barnsley, 9BP, Prince Rupert, B C

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May 2009
Everett Sutton, 7DJ, Port Angeles, Washington
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June 2009

The Tuckerton Wireless Station, Tuckerton, NJ

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July 2009

Rodney Pratt, K2AFK, Satellite Pioneer


August 2009

Ham Scopes


September 2009
Displaying your Station


October 2009

Who's Who


November 2009

Bud Waite, W2ZK, Polar Pioneer (SK)

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December 2009
The MARS Program
Langley AFB 1968-69

Sgt. Dilks phone patching    Langley AFB MARS station    Glenn Snyder, WB4LMX